Rising Texas Artist, Max Flinn, Releases Third Single
“If I Didn’t Love You” Off Upcoming EP Release, Meant to Be

Houston singer/songwriter, Max Flinn, released the third single, “If I Didn’t Love You,” off his upcoming EP, Meant To Be. Flinn is making a name for himself with powerful song releases and dynamic music videos. The live video performance for the single premiered nationwide on The Boot. “If I Didn’t Love You” is available on all streaming platforms now.

Q: Could you share a little bit about yourself and your musical background?

A: I have spent my entire life living in Houston and although we’re the 4th largest city in America, there is a small-town atmosphere, unlike any other metropolitan area I have ever visited. My singular focus through High School was playing football under the Friday Night Lights and I was lucky enough to earn a college scholarship to play quarterback. Like so many others, that dream was cut short by injuries after one year at Kilgore College. Although I got my first guitar at 10 years old, there were many years I didn’t even own one because I was so focused on sports. These days if I had to rank my priorities in life it would be my faith, my family, and my music.

Q: What made you decide on a career in music?

A: I wound up getting a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Houston and working in the Oil & Gas industry. A couple of years in, I started attending open mics and eventually put together a band playing local gigs around the area. The joy I felt from entertaining was too much to ignore and I began to contemplate the idea of turning it into a career. Once the gigs were consistent enough to cover my living expenses I decided to dive in and I have been a full-time musician since March of 2017. I believe that to be great at something you have to be all in and that’s what I decided I wanted.

Q: What made you choose to record “If I Didn’t Love You?”

A: My producer sent me a handful of songs to consider and this one immediately caught my attention. I’ve always performed live with a fiddle and the signature intro on this song fits our sound perfectly.

Q: The live video performance of the song is great. Could you share any behind-the-scenes details on how it was made?

A: I have a friend in Houston who has a warehouse with a stage that he will often invite musicians to perform for parties. Billy Gibbons, Ryan Bingham, Joe Ely, and many others have had jam sessions on that stage. We brought in the full band and tracked everything live. I needed some content like this to showcase what we really sound like at a show. Imperfections and all were shown which is how I wanted it…authentic.

Q: What was it like recording this song?

A: I believe that a great song is as much about the band as it is about the singer and lyrics. I’m a huge Alan Jackson fan so we had Brent Mason (guitar) and Larry Franklin (fiddle) record on this song who are the main featured artists on most of Alan’s catalog.

Q: What else can we expect to hear from your EP Meant to Be?

A: This project truly has a little bit of everything. I’ve got everything from a traditional country shuffle to radio-friendly ballads.

Q: What other artists are you listening to currently? Anyone specific you’d like to tour with in the future?

A: I’ve got a 9 hour Spotify playlist called, “Max Flinn’s Inspiration” so clearly I am inspired and moved by so much of the great music out there. My life-long musical hero is Robert Earl Keen and I got to open for him recently. That was a dream come true! More of that!

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To hear “If I Didn’t Love You: Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.




Award-winning journalist, author of 30 books including James Dean Died Here, Roadside Baseball; lover of music, travel, history, etc.

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Chris Epting

Chris Epting

Award-winning journalist, author of 30 books including James Dean Died Here, Roadside Baseball; lover of music, travel, history, etc.

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